Stopping All Services Backup Exec 2010 - Job Cancel Pending

This happened to me the other day while i was changing settings for a BE Job. As soon as i hit submit button the job would go to run mode. My fault as i had to define a schedule or submit the job "on hold" first.

When i realize the job was running i right clicked the job to cancel it while it was still in the "pre-processing" fase. But the job would not stop. I tried several approaches, including stopping all services from the BE management console:

And starting them again, but to my surprise the BE server and engine services would not start. Viewing event viewer this was what we got:

Little to no help. After reading symantec words on the subject and before believing the only solution was to restart the server ( after applying the supposed hotfix ) we decided to give it a last shot as we found out that the services woud not start because another process was taking over the 3527 Port and supposedly all we had to do was terminate this connection using a CurrPorts aprroach:

 But the connection would not terminate, the process name was System and thus the unability.

Restarting the server was what ultimately fixed it. Perhaps disabling the network interface and clearing the arp cache would have helped tough.

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Taken from http://netprobe.blogspot.com/

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