Can't view desktop shortcuts over the network, why?


There are no stupid questions and certainly this is not one of them. The other day a friend of mine was accessing remotely to the C$ share on a computer, trying to access the Desktop folder from the user "Centrino" , altough he knew that Centrino had shortcuts on the Desktop, entering this folder he could not see them. What the heck - He tough. Why is that?

The answer is pretty easy:

Shortcuts from all users are not replicated for each user account and probably before Centrino User was called Centrino he was Called Something else. Why again? Because if someone renamed his account in Active Directory from "Intel" to "Centrino", the SID actually will be the same. So nothing will change on the computer side, meaning that documents and settings will still point to Intel's folder.

You can check this in regedit at:


There you will see a bunch of SID's, to know what is the SID of Centrino user please check here

At this point you will know what is the correct Image Path on the computer for that user, and if you like to, change it from Intel to Centrino, altough there are some implications with active directory, so if you are unsure of what you are doing don't mess around.

Taken from http://netprobe.blogspot.com/

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