○ Updating Panda Client from a migrated Server

If you have migrated your AV Server, in other words your Admin Secure Console to another server, but now your clients are still pointing to the old server, you have to redistribute the client to the several worksations. To do this, you will have to go to:

Tools -> Distribute Agents (or similar) -> Troubleshoot Distribute Agents

Then a wizard pops up guiding you on the method for rearranging these broked clients.

Rearranging clients may take a while so be patient. Beware tough, port 19226 needs to be opened from the server to the client.

To make sure you don't have this port blocked do a telnet to any client on this port using the command line:

telnet client 19226

Where client is the computer name of a Panda client in your network.

If the command line window shows a blinking dash the port is not blocked and you should be Ok.

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